Giveth and Taketh Away, Or, A Woodworkers Meditation

Here's one of my favorite things to do when I'm working in the garage:

nom nom nom.

nom nom nom.

For some reason, I find sucking up a giant pile of wood shavings and saw dust with my shop vac incredibly therapeutic. Is that weird? Probably.

I feel like there must be other things like this that are strangely satisfying. 

I don't cut hair, but does it feel like this to cut hair? Any hair cutters out there care to comment?

Part of it is playing with the contrasting darkness of the floor and lightness of the wood. Making and changing the shapes and patterns. 

There is also something pleasurable about the finality of the decisions I make. If I suck this up, I can't get it back. I get one chance to make whatever it is that I'm making.

I also like the varying heights of the wood shavings and how the vacuum reshapes them so effortlessly.

I'm a weirdo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



randomZak Adams