Psalm 33:11 and Inter-Generational Ministry/Postmodern Nonsense

So, in my Bible Reading Plan today, I read Psalm 33.  Verse 11 says:

The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations.

At the church where I serve as Community Pastor, our primary discipleship method is called a "Community Group."  It's a gathering of people, based around relationships and missional living, that meet to hang out, eat together, study the Word, serve their city, and just BE Christians.  We think this is really important, because many of the commands of scripture are just not doable during a once-a-week Sunday service.

Sometimes we get complaints that in addition to our Community Groups, we need mens groups, womens groups, seniors groups, college-aged groups, etc.  We resist this because we feel that we best represent the body of Christ when we ignore those somewhat manufactured distinctions and gather in spite of our differences.  I heard it put recently that when people who naturally get along get together, that's no big deal.  When Jesus brings different people, who wouldn't normally hang out together, into relationship with each other, that's a big deal and one of the glories of the Gospel.

So, God's Word will last for ever, and the plans of His heart are good for all generations.  We don't need a separate Gospel for seniors, kids, young adults, men, women, singles, marrieds, and Star Trek fans.  The counsel of the Lord stands forever, and the plans of His heart to all generations.  That also means that the "postmoderns" who need to change the content of the Gospel for people today, are just wrong.  Methods change, the truth of the Word doesn't. Psalm 33:11.

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