High Point Church

So, I went to Victoria, British Columbia last weekend to visit a Salvation Army church called High Point Church.  It is pastored by Lieutenants Peter and Alison Lublink.  I "met" Peter about a year and a half ago on Facebook because he makes some of his own uniforms.  We have sort of kept in touch over twitter and he recently told me that it would be great if I could come up and see what the Lord was doing in the church in Victoria.  I had just come off a couple weeks of preaching and had a free Sunday which corresponded to the grand re-opening of their building, so I decided to drive up. I am currently reading a book that uses sports metaphors to describe the church.  In light of that, they play the game a little differently up in Canada.  Victoria, according to Peter, is very non-Christian.  I was told that something like 3% of the city professes faith in Christ.  There are large groups of atheists, other religious adherents, and general spiritualists.  High Point Church is the only church in their area of the city.  It's an incredibly different context than the one that I work in.

One of the exciting things for me though is that immediately after arriving there, I was in the presence of the body of Christ.  I love that no matter where you go, Jesus' bride is there faithfully fulfilling her calling.  I got to attend the back half of a cell group meeting on Thursday night and Friday I was given a tour of the facility and neighborhood.  They were busy remodeling and I got to spend some time helping set up their light board.  Saturday I got to see a little bit of the city, and Sunday I got to play synth for the worship service.

Sunday morning was great.  I was told they typically have 70 in attendance.  120 showed up.  I got the impressed that the Lublinks were well loved by the community, and many came out to see their new meeting place who didn't follow Jesus.  A testimony was given and Peter shared the gospel with the group.  I met many people who had been changed by the gospel through High Point over the years.

I can tell that Peter and Alison see a chance to really change their city with the gospel of Jesus and they aren't afraid to be creative with their methods to achieve that goal.  The way I saw them live and contextualize the gospel was refreshing.  Their lives motivated me to move forward on some things that God has been stirring in me for awhile.

I got four days of not worrying about a ministry.  I got to serve and watch as other people did their thing.  We shared ideas and stories, disagreed a little, and had some fun too I think.  They were great hosts and tour guides.  I am looking forward to returning the favor some day soon.