Totally Oblivious, or I'm More Important Than You Except You Don't Know It

Ok, here's a thought. You know when you are walking behind someone and they can't see you, and you're trying to pass them but they keep shifting their weight slightly and you aren't really sure of what direction they are going but they seem to block you every time that you try to get around them but it's not really their fault because they don't even know you are there? You know, that? Or, when someone cuts in front of you in a line but they aren't trying to be rude because they didn't see you?

We spent the weekend in Seattle with Jo's brother and his wife. They are great. But, this means also that we did the obligatory Seattle things: Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, Ikea. All those things are great in and of themselves, but I find myself in the above situations constantly when I am in large crowds. I really hate it. People make me angry. Why don't they simply widen their field of view in order to perceive me!? Am I not important enough to be perceived?? Now in reality, no, I am not. But I feel as though I should be. I care SO MUCH about my life, my agenda, my walking path. Why don't others?

I have felt this way all my life, but lately I have begun to think: I wonder how many times I act like that? How many times am I the one slightly adjusting my walking pace and direction so as to inadvertently block someone behind me? How many times have I rudely cut in line in front of someone without even knowing it? Probably lots. Thinking like this helps me have patience when others make me angry. It's not their fault, and when I do it to you, remember that it's not my fault either.