Sacred Spaces, or, Is there a special electrical code for that?

You know what's a terrible idea? TVs in showers. If there is a spiritual discipline that I am most attracted to, it's silence and solitude. Unfortunately, it's hard to get. I try to make time, at least once a year, to go out in the woods or something for at least half a day and spend time listening to God in the quiet. The closest thing I get to silence and solitude on a regular basis is the shower.

There is very little to do in the shower. Some soap, a little body wash, maybe shampoo, but little else. Wash, wash, wash. A nice relaxing shower is really only at most 25% getting stuff done. The other 75% is just hot water and thinking. I do some of my best thinking in the shower. There is no internet, no other people, no books, no music, no paperwork, nothing but me and my cleaning solutions. I have yet to really be distracted by the list of chemicals in my shampoo.

What could possibly ruin all that? Putting in a TV. That is a huge waste of silence and solitude. TV is the absolute non-thinking, non-listening-to-God device. It's not bad per say, but it's definitely something that takes over your mind while it's on.

So, value silence and solitude, spend some time alone, and don't ruin the experience with a TV in your shower.