My Faith Is Not An Adjective, or, When's Your iPad's Spiritual Birthday?

I really don't like the concept of "Christian" things. I'm not the first person to notice this, but the word Christian is a noun. It's a noun, that over the centuries, has meant "one who follows Christ" more or less. It's a word for people. People who have given their allegiance to Jesus, the Christ, or savior, of the world. There are a couple things that drive me crazy about the label "Christian," whether it's music, movies, art, literature, or, as of today, home electronics. One reason is that the word has become a marketing term. If we put "Christian" in front of it, there is a whole demographic that will just rush out to buy it. Is it good? Can it compete in the marketplace of ideas? It doesn't matter, it's a Christian thing.

Another reason I really dislike the adjective is that it gives a wrong impression of the definition of the word. To the outside world, Christian should mean:

a person or group of people, set apart for Jesus Christ, dedicated to serving Him through loving others and sharing His message of freedom from sin and death and restoration as subjects of His wonderful kingdom by grace through repentance and faith.

Instead, because of the adjectival usage of the word, it comes across as:

Nice, wholesome and bland versions of real culture, dumbed down for those people that don't want to interact with the world at large.

Is that harsh? Yeah. Are there examples where "Christian" things are not any of those things? Probably. But by and large, the average person sees an article about the "Edifi" and sees a second-rate Kindle Fire with limited functions and applications for people that are what, too afraid to buy a real Kindle Fire? It's either that, or Christian Family stores, the makers of Edifi, are just trying to capitalize on a captive audience. I'm not sure which is worse.

I don't wear Christian clothes. I'm not sitting on a Christian couch. I didn't have Christian coffee for breakfast.

I am a Christian. I love and follow Jesus Christ. I want others to be Christians. Christians are people. Christian is a people word. Christians need to use it as a people word.

Update! Gizmodo has an article on the Edifi.  Notice how the default assumption is mockery. Best comments?:
 Does the Tablet come with the 10 commandments etched on the back?
It comes with five of them. The other five are on another tablet.
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