House Blog, part 1

On June 12th, 2015, we signed the papers on our house. It's been over a year since then, and I have decided that it's time to write about our adventure in remodeling. Things are finally starting to slow down with the least for the time being...and it's probably a good idea to record what's happened thus far. I had my doubts when we saw this house for the first time. It was in rough shape. Joanna was excited about remodeling a midcentury home, and this home was definitely built in the middle of the 20th century. At this point I owned a homeowner's starter pack battery powered drill and circular saw that I had received from my father-in-law as an attempt to make me a man and I had practically no construction experience. We also did not have the money to hire all the work out.

Fortunately, unfortunately, we quickly found out that an offer had already been made on the house by someone else. About 3 weeks went by as we looked at other properties and didn't really find anything we liked. Then, the offer on this house fell through. Joanna really liked it and I had come around to the idea that I could handle a huge challenge: so we bought it.

I knew it was a great idea because at our signing they brought out the clydesdales.

My parade.

My parade.

We didn't move in until the middle of July, but I started work on the house almost immediately. I will write more about that later.