A Brief History Of Employment Time, Or, What Am I Going To Eat Now?

Realistically, I have only ever had 4 jobs.

The summer after I turned 15, I got a job at JB's in Coeur d'Alene washing dishes. I enjoyed it mostly. I spent most of my paycheck on all the beef stroganoff that I ordered during my meal breaks. It was delicious. I quit after 3 months because I wasn't comfortable with all of the pornography that the cooks posted in the break room. Also one of the waitresses was constantly talking about how much her boyfriend appreciated her tongue ring.  

In May of 1998 I got a job making burritos at Qdoba. It wasn't called Qdoba though, it was called Z-Teca. A couple years in the restaurant was sued by Azteca and changed its name. I ate a lot of burritos there. So many burritos. I worked there for 5 years. I was General Manager when I left.

I quit to open a childcare center called The Cottage with my new wife and my parents. She has a background in early childhood education and my parents are entrepreneurs par excellence. I had restaurant experience. I quit my job knowing that I wouldn't be getting paid right away from this new business. We didn't take a salary for a year. I ran the kitchen mostly. I developed my macaroni and cheese recipe there. It's fantastic. We owned The Cottage for 5 years and sold it in 2008. 

In 2009 I didn't have a job (cause I sold it) and I was teaching music lessons in the afternoons. My wife said I was driving her crazy and needed to get a day job. I applied at The Salvation Army Kroc Center. They were having a job fair prior to their opening. I interviewed with Stacy Barney and got hired as a part time front desk attendant. 

On my first day of work, April 27th, 2009, I was offered a full time front desk lead position. Not because of anything I had done, just because the Kroc Center was exploding with popularity and it wasn't even open yet.

So at The Kroc I have been a Front Desk Attendant, Front Desk Lead, Theater Technician, Theater Coordinator, Congregational Life Manager, Worship Pastor, Theater Manager, Theater and Rentals Manager and Director of Hospitality and Client Media Services. I think that's all the titles. 9 titles in 9 years. That seems excessive. Since I took over the Kroc Café, I've really enjoyed being able to taste test all the menu items.

May 31st, 2018 will be my last day of work at The Salvation Army Kroc Center. I am leaving for a new job. A fifth job. I have taken a position as a Senior Editor for byDesign Films in Post Falls. I think I will learn a lot there and from what I know about the company it seems like fun. It's also a better schedule for my family and church responsibilities. 

Everyone at work wants to know if I'm either "excited" or "ok." I tell them that I am both excited and ok, but really I don't think I'm either. I'm not really one for excitement in general, and I don't think asking whether or not I'm "ok" will matter too much until the last week of May. Then I might not be "ok." We'll see.

Zak Adams