I Can't Even Imagine, Or, The Siren Song Of The Rain Head

Here's a thought that leans a tad philosophical. 

Do you ever have moments where you think about an action that you need to perform that you can't really imagine performing but which you know you have performed countless times in the past?

The most major example that I can think of is sleeping. Most nights I am gifted with the ability to effortlessly fall asleep moments after the lights go out. However, there are occasions where I can't sleep. I lie in bed thinking about sleeping and while I know that I sleep every night and have for almost every night of my time on this planet, I just can't imagine what I need to do to accomplish sleep in that moment.

The situation that I am thinking of though is a bit different. It's being in a hot shower. There are many times in my life when I am taking a hot shower and it is delightful. The quiet, the hot water, the steam. Goodness. It's at those times that I know that I have reached down, turned off the water and exited every single shower I've ever taken, but in that moment, I just can't imagine that that is true. What could possibly motivate me to leave the shower? It's awesome.

In the past, running out of hot water was a quick way to be driven from the shower. However, for the last 3 years we've owned a tankless water heater and our hot showers can potentially last forever. The pull to never leave the shower is strong. I may give in to the temptation someday and never be heard from again.

Zak Adams